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Side profile cartoon of Zephyer founder, James Joyce
Cartoon drawing of the founder of Zephyer, James Joyce.

Learn How To Get Better at Drawing. Faster.

I started a YouTube channel to help people harness the power of learning to get better at drawing.

Consider this an introduction and I'll get my first awkward video out of the way. My name is James Joyce and I'm a designer.

My quick story

I started drawing in 2010, making it about 10 years since I've been a creative professional. Over the past couple of years, I've been more focused on graphic design, branding, and copywriting. The first eight years of training was mostly in drawing and digital painting. Now I'm going back to those roots and even making little comics. Let me tell you why!

In the eight years I was learning to draw and paint I improved a lot, but I was still a lot farther behind than I thought I would be. I was frustrated with my progress. When I ultimately decided to stop drawing (about two years ago) I created a bad relationship with my art. It was toxic. I'm sure you can relate. My desire to draw never went away. I wanted to draw and paint again without going down the same path.

Three years is the fastest that I've ever seen somebody become a professional artist. I was convinced that you could do it even faster than that. And so, I went on a long trek of research and discovery to prove to myself that it was possible to learn faster. Spoiler alert, I found the answers I was looking for.

Acquiring the power of learning

Now equipped with better knowledge and tools, I'm going to start this journey again. This time starting with a better mindset and relationship with my art. We all want to get to a place where we're happy with our work, right? We don't want to look at our drawings or our digital paintings and be horrified at how they look.

I'm starting a new journey and I hope you'll join me. Bear with me because I'm gonna make a lot of mistakes, but that's part of the process.

If you're learning to draw, and looking to grow as an artist, join me on this new adventure. We can be awkward and make mistakes together. And hopefully, become really awesome artists.

Next week I'll have a new camera so the video quality should be as good as it possibly can be and you can learn along with me. Let's start this art journey together!



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